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Front House Staff Jobs in Australia with 482 Visa Sponsorship (Apply Online)

Front House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship: Front House Staff means those workers or staff members of any hospitality company (cafe, restaurant, hotel, bar) who face customers/ interact with them, e.g., baristas, food servers, hosts/ hostesses, etc. They represent the business before the people. This is the reason any food or hospitality company can’t compromise on choosing good and experienced Front House Staff.

This post has brought to you Front House Staff Jobs in Australia, which means you have multiple job roles to pick from according to your skills, qualifications, and expertise i.e., Barista, Waiter, Receptionist, Restaurant Manager, Host or Hostess, etc.

It is pertinent to mention here that this job posting is taken from ‘Getting Down Under’, a platform powered by ‘482’. 482 Jobs. com, as the name implies posts those jobs in Australia that offer 482 Visa Sponsorship. The website manually checks each job advertisement if the employer is offering sponsorship or not so that the job seeker doesn’t have to search for sponsorships on his own.

Details of Front of House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Front of House Staff
  • Number of vacancies: Multiple
  • Expected salary: Depends upon the job role and experience
  • Knowledge required: Only Management roles need a Bachelor’s degree or above, all other Front of House Staff just needs a High School diploma
  • Experienced required: Depends upon the seniority of the role
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

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Requirements of Front of House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship.

  1. Junior Front of House roles like baristas, waiters, hosts, food servers, cleaners, etc, mostly require a High School Diploma. However, if you have experience, some employers waive this education condition. However, senior Front of House Staff roles like Restaurant Manager, F&B Manager, etc, require a Hotel Management degree at minimum.
  2. You should possess the required skill like adapting to working in a fast-paced environment, handling pressure, good customer service skills, good communication, working overtime when required, etc.
  3. You should be legally entitled to work in Australia and should have all the necessary documents required.

Benefits of Front of House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Most of the Front of House Staff roles don’t require much education and experience.
  2. Visa Sponsorship.
  3. Employee Benefits like Free Accommodation (sometimes), Free Meals, Tips, Bonuses, and Commissions.
  4. Australian national and international cuisine job market is very vast. So, you will never get short of jobs.

Job Duties of Front of House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

While Job duties of each job role coming under the Front of House Staff category is exclusive and with respect to the occupation itself, however, generally Front of House Staff is expected to perform the following duties:

  1. Receiving, and welcoming guests, and helping them finding sitting space.
  2. Providing guests menu, booking their orders, and providing their orders in-time.
  3. Attending phone calls for online reservations and order booking (for home delivery).
  4. Answering guests’ requests, complaints, queries, etc.
  5. Transporting food dishes to and fro from kitchen to table and vice versa.
  6. Clearing tables of glassware, silverware, and dirty crockery from each table once guests have completed their meals.
  7. Presenting bills to customers once they have finished.
  8. Reporting any misbehavior, breakage, etc, to the manager.

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How to Apply for Front of House Staff Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship?

Click on the link below to register yourself with 482 and apply for the job

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