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Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved) – Apply Now

Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved): Canada’s Hospitality Industry along with its Healthcare Sector is the biggest employing industry for foreign workers who seek Canadian Work Permit.

Since the advent of COVID-19, the employment rate has drastically decreased, causing worker shortages in Canada in almost every industry and sector including construction, energy, consumer product industry, technology, and many more. What hit the most is the tourism and the hospitality industry.

The shortage of workers in the industry may increase the demand for foreign workers which eventually will introduce more job opportunities for any native.

If you are searching for an LMIA job in Canada, you can apply to companies with LMIA.

The LMIA process in Canada allows companies to hire foreign employees under the Canadian government’s rules and regulations. According to Statistics Canada, it was predicted that the number of vacancies would increase by 24.6% which is very high compared to other industries. However, Canada witnessed adverse effects of the prediction which resulted in 37% of vacancy in March 2022 which is more than double.

There are multiple Visa entry paths/ Immigration routes for foreign workers to get LMIA Approved Food and Server Jobs in Canada for Foreigners, but for the convenience of our readers, we will discuss the easiest Visa Pathway along with its requirements, job requirements, Job Duties, Benefits, and Application Process for Food and Beverage Server Jobs in Canada (LMIA Approved). Let’s go through them:

Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

Details of Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

  • Title: Food and beverage server (LMIA available for Edmonton, Calgary & other Alberta cities)
  • Location: Edmonton, AB.
  • Salary: $18.20 / Hour
  • Vacancies: 2 vacancies
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment
  • Full time 40 Hours / Week
  • Start date: As soon as possible
  • Employment conditions: Morning, Day, Evening, Shift, Weekend
  • Languages: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate or diploma
  • Experience: Will train

Requirements of Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

  • Basic English Proficiency Requires
  • No degree, diploma, or certification is required.
  • No Experience is Required, will be trained
  • Should be willing to work in stressed as well as calm situations
  • Client focus, Efficient interpersonal skills, Organized, Reliability, Team player.
  • Should have knowledge of Electronic cash register and point of sale system.
  • Should be able to hold at least 13.5 kg
  • Should be eligible for LMIA/ Canadian Work Permit

Job Duties of a Food and Beverage Server:

  • Address customers’ complaints or concerns.
  • Prepare and serve specialty food at customers’ tables
  • Present bills to customers and accept payment in cash, credit or debit cards, traveler’s cheques or room billings
  • Describe menu items including daily specials for customers
  • Advise on menu selections
  • Clear and clean tables, trays, and chairs
  • Greet patrons, present menus, make recommendations, and answer questions regarding food and beverages
  • Serve food and beverages
  • Take orders and relay them to kitchen and bar staff
  • Assist clients/guests with special needs and provide customer service.

How Much Do Food Servers Make in Canada?

The average salary for a Food Server is $63,587 per year/ $18 per hour in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a Food Server in Canada is $34,775, with a range from $10,872 – $111,234.

How to Get Eligible for LMIA for a Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada?

LMIA is an NOC document issued by the Canadian Ministry of Labor to Canadian Employers that implies their genuine need for foreigners as there are no local Canadians available to fulfill this job role

LMIA Employer Requirements

  • Operate a legitimate business that provides goods or services to the public in Canada.
  • Demonstrate a genuine need for foreign workers by offering employment that aligns with the reasonable needs of the business.
  • Be capable of fulfilling all the terms of the job offer for foreign workers, including paying a salary that meets the LMIA wage requirements.
  • Not have laid off any employees in the 12-month period preceding the application for the same occupation they are seeking to fill.
  • Have no outstanding compliance issues.
  • Ensure that returning employers adhere to the terms of previous LMIAs.

Employee Requirements LMIA:

Job Offer Information

One of the main requirements for an LMIA application is a detailed job offer, including information such as job duties, wage rate, and working conditions. The job offer must be for a position that you are not able to fill with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Recruitment Efforts

The employer must also provide evidence of recruitment efforts to hire Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents for the job. This may include proof of job postings on various Canadian websites, as well as an outreach to local job placement agencies. For some streams, it is mandatory to post the advertisement in a website addressed to underrepresented groups or specialized websites. The advertising that is required is very specific.

Wage Rate

The wage rate offered to the foreign worker must be in line with the prevailing wage rate for that occupation in the region where the job is located. Each province is broken into various regions and the wage rate required can vary between regions even when the province is the same. 

Once your employer proves themselves eligible for LMIA, you can get a Canadian Work Permit under the Express Entry System, Global Talent Stream, TFWP, etc. A positive LMIA Application with a Work Permit means a booked flight to Canada!

Benefits of Food and Beverage Server Job in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

  • High Average Salary
  • No Experience Required
  • Public Transportation at walking distance of the restaurant
  • Very comfortable, friendly, and multicultural environment
  • LMIA is a pathway to Canadian PR.
  • Free Food on Duty and Accommodation Assistance

Who can Apply for Food and Beverage Server Jobs in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

All nationalities can apply for Food and Beverage Server Jobs in Canada for Foreigners as Canada has no nationality specifications for LMIA Work permits. However, there are nationalities specifications for each Visa Entry System/ Immigration Pathway.

So, whether you are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, UAE, Tobago, Trinidad, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, all African, Asian, European nationalities, etc.

How to Apply for Food and Beverage Server Jobs in Canada for Foreigners (LMIA Approved)

Click on the link below to apply for the job on Job Bank Canada. Don’t forget to register yourself to get further wonderful job suggestions about Hospitality Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

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