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Farm Worker Jobs in Netherlands 2023 (Apply Online)

Many Pakistani farm workers/ agriculture workers are looking for farm working jobs in the Netherlands. But, they don’t know how to get these jobs because they don’t know on which websites these jobs are available, how to apply for these jobs, what are the requirements of these jobs, how to get selected for a sponsored visa, etc. All details we will let you know in this post

Developed and Industrial European countries, like the Netherlands, have very beautiful and maintained landscapes and fertile farms. So, they need workers for them. The Netherlands has a very low population, and that’s why it sponsors foreigners for farm jobs. So, let’s get started:

Farm Worker Jobs in Netherlands 2023 (Apply Online)

Job Details: 

  • Job title: Farmworkers
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: Yes/No

Which types of farm jobs are available in Netherlands with Visa Sponsorship?

  1. Crop Cultivators.
  2. Fruit pickers.
  3. Poultry Supervisors.
  4. Packer.
  5. Washer.
  6. Farm manager.
  7. Winemaker.
  8. Agricultural food scientist.
  9. Dairy Farm manager.
  10. Livestock Farm manager.
  11. Veterinary doctor.
  12. Diary Accountant.
  13. Dairy Farm Milker.
  14. Promoter.
  15. Bird breeder.
  16. Agricultural Engineer.
  17. Farm Production Manager.
  18. Purchasing Officer.
  19. Admin Assistant.
  20. Institutional Sales Manager.
  21. Agricultural research fellows.
  22. Manager Exports Marketing for Agricultural products.
  23. Computer operations staff.
  24. Cattle attendant.
  25. Veterinary assistants.
  26. Sanitary workers/ Cleaners.
  27. Security guards.
  28. Food technology jobs.
  29. Cattle Breeding &Research Centers.
  30. Financial analysts.
  31. Delivery partners.
  32. Irrigation operators.

What do you need for visa sponsored Farm jobs in Netherlands?

As this is a visa-sponsored job, you don’t need to arrange a work visa. It is interesting to know that some farm employers offer jobs to foreign applicants without visa requirements and qualifications. Job roles, like food picker, farmer, and cattle attendant only need previous experience. But, technical roles, like financial analysts, farm managers, etc., need relevant qualifications as well. Requirements and duties also vary according to the type of crop employers grow on their farms. However, some common requirements are :

  1. Previous Experience (minimum 1 year).
  2. Healthy medical record and strong body.
  3. Must have knowledge about best farming practices of your farm.

Benefits of Farm jobs in Netherlands with Visa Sponsorship

  1. A chance to get work and stay opportunities in the Netherlands.
  2. Many employers offer free accommodation with meals.
  3. There are all types of jobs for all types of workers (skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers).

Average Salary of a Farm Worker in Netherlands

It depends upon the candidate’s profile: his qualifications, experience, the industry he is working in, etc. According to Salary-Explorer, an average farm Worker earns 1,580 EUR per month in the Netherlands.

Where farm jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the Netherlands are available

  1. Indeed.
  2. LinkedIn.
  3. Glassdoor.

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