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English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship (Apply)

English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship: Tamaki TEFL Recruitment (TTR) is seeking English Teachers for teaching children aged 2-15 years old at the top English Language Teaching School in Japan. This is a private language school position so the class sizes are much smaller than what you would find in a public school. The teaching style is very active and the use of songs, flashcards, and games are all part of the lesson. If you have a lot of energy, and temperament working with young learners, this job is for you! Read on below to find out more about English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship.

English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship (Apply)

Details of English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Job title: English TEACHER
  • Children Age Group: 2-15 years old
  • Monthly salary: 240,000 Yen/month
  • Job Start: October 2023
  • Knowledge requirements: Yes
  • Experience required: Not mandatory but preferred
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

Requirements of English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship:

  1.  Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  2. TEFL Certification is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  3. The Japanese language is not a must it is highly advisable to learn it as it would greatly help you during your stay in Japan.
  4. Highly Adaptable.
  5. Having patience and great listening skills.
  6. Energetic personality.

Job description of an English Teacher:

  • Designing English lessons that align with the school curriculum and delivering them in an engaging and creative way to students, so every student can learn at his own pace.
  • Providing students with feedback on their progress and areas for improvement, also helping them with that.
  • Using a variety of teaching strategies and techniques to support student learning, including the use of technology, class activities (individual and group), giving lecture handouts, extra coaching time, suggesting easy learning websites, sharing learning videos, giving practice workbooks, etc.
  • Collaborating with other teachers and staff to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for students that each one can pick in his/ her own way.
  • Maintaining accurate records of student attendance, grades, and progress
  • Participating in school events and activities as required.
  • Conducting special Spoken English, English Grammar, and Literature crash courses/ sessions to make students master every area.

Benefits of English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. 1. Monthly salary: 240,000 Yen/month
    2. End of contract bonus: 80,000 Yen.
  2. Bonus Renewal Opportunities.
  3. Salaries and Bonuses both increase with experience.
    4. Visa sponsorship and full support during the visa process.
    5. TTR supports teachers from the interview stage up to arrival with the working visa, pre-departure guidance, preparation for documentation, general advice for day to day living etc.
    6.. Two weeks of paid training.
    7. Fully Furnished Accommodation.
    8. Full assistance with opening a Japanese bank account.
  4. 9. Welfare Support for Teachers.

How to Apply for English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship?

  • By clicking on the link below, you will be routed to the official job search portal, use the application button given below the job description.
  • You can also use/ search yourself for the job by using the search box and the location box, to narrow down your job search results. Type your job title, e.g., “ English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship”, ”Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship”, or”Seek Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship.”
  • Select all of Japan in the location bar right beneath the search bar. If your search shows results, go for a more specific locality.
  • It’s better to update your CV or Resume and Cover letter according to the latest market trends as there is a high chance that your employer might notice the layout/ presentation.
  • Examine the job posting details like job description, job requirements, job responsibilities, etc.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements before you apply. Examine the job role and its requirements carefully.
  • Click the “Online Application” button given below.
  • Fill out the necessary details being asked and submit the application.
  • Verify the reception of a confirmation email for your sent job application.

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