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Denmark Work Visa Process 2024 (Comprehensive Guide)

Dreaming of a vibrant career in a country renowned for its quality of life and thriving job market? Look no further than Denmark, a nation consistently ranked among the happiest in the world. With its welcoming environment and diverse opportunities, Denmark invites skilled workers from across the globe to join its workforce. In this detailed guide, discover everything you need to know about the Denmark Work Visa Process in 2024, including visa types, application procedures, and valuable resources for job seekers.

Denmark Work Visa Process 2024

Why Denmark?

Denmark, with a population of 5.857 million as of February 22, 2024, is actively seeking to recruit talented professionals from around the world. Boasting a buoyant job market and facing shortages in various sectors, Denmark offers a plethora of opportunities for skilled individuals to advance their careers and enrich their lives.

Types of Danish Work Permits:

  1. Positive List for Skilled Workers: Designed for occupations in high demand experiencing shortages of qualified professionals.
  2. Pay Limit Scheme: Targeted at high-income individuals earning a specified annual salary.
  3. Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme: Aimed at individuals offered jobs with a minimum annual salary requirement.
  4. Fast-Track Scheme: Reserved for positions offered by certified Danish companies.
  5. Special Individual Qualifications: Catering to performers, athletes, and specialized chefs, among others.
  6. Trainee Scheme: Intended for short-term employment as a trainee.
  7. Herdsmen and Farm Managers Scheme: Geared towards professionals in agriculture.
  8. Labour Market Attachment: For individuals previously holding a residence permit in Denmark.
  9. Sideline Employment: Allows individuals to pursue additional sideline jobs.
  10. Employment for Adaptation and Training Purposes: Designed for professionals seeking adaptation and training in Denmark.
  11. Work Permit for Accompanying Family Members: Available for family members accompanying employed individuals.

Denmark Work Visa Process:

  1. Choose a Visa Scheme: Select the appropriate visa scheme based on your employment situation and eligibility.
  2. Create a Case Order ID: Generate a Case ID online through the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) portal.
  3. Pay the Application Fee: Pay the applicable fee based on your chosen visa scheme and nationality.
  4. Compile Required Documents: Gather necessary documents such as passport, job contract, financial proof, health insurance, educational qualifications, and criminal background check.
  5. Complete and Submit Online Application: Submit the application form online, with assistance from your employer if necessary.
  6. Provide Biometrics: Visit a Danish diplomatic mission abroad or SIRI’s Citizen Centre to provide biometrics within 14 days of application.
  7. Wait for Response: Await the response on your application, and if approved, you can proceed with travel arrangements to Denmark.

Cost of a Denmark Work Visa:

  • Fast-Track Scheme: DKK 6,290
  • Pay Limit Scheme: DKK 6,290
  • Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme: DKK 6,290
  • Positive Lists: DKK 6,290
  • Special Individual Qualifications: DKK 6,290
  • Herdsmen and Farm Managers: DKK 6,290
  • Trainee Scheme: DKK 6,290
  • Labour Market Attachment: DKK 6,290
  • Sideline Employment: No Fee

Skill Shortage List:

Explore occupations in high demand in Denmark, including engineering, ICT & robotics, life sciences, business and finance, healthcare services, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and offshore industries.

Websites to Find Jobs in Denmark:

  • Workindenmark: A platform assisting foreign jobseekers in finding employment opportunities in Denmark.
  • The official website of the Danish government providing information on working in Denmark and relevant resources.
  • Denmark Certified Companies: Access a list of certified companies approved by the Danish Agency for Hiring Foreign Workers.

Conclusion: With its welcoming atmosphere, diverse job opportunities, and high quality of life, Denmark stands as a beacon for ambitious professionals seeking to advance their careers. By navigating the Denmark Work Visa Process with this comprehensive guide and leveraging available resources, you can embark on an exciting journey towards fulfilling your professional aspirations in one of Europe’s most dynamic economies.

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