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Caregiver Jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Online

Caregiver Jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa sponsorship 2024 is an amazing informal career opportunity for unskilled professionals who lack professional qualifications and training. Germany, being the EU Leader, and one of the highest paying countries to laborers and skilled professionals alike, is offering Caregiver Jobs to foreigners as well because the country is facing an acute labour shortage due to the low population.

According to Reuters, more than half of German businesses are facing labour shortage. In 2022, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) found 1.74 million vacant positions throughout the country, which was an all-time high. Germany has plenty of caregiver/ nursing jobs as nursing is among the top ten professions that are highly in demand in Germany. The main requirement is that you should know the German language (For receptionist jobs, English-speaking candidates also have a high demand as some job openings accept English-speaking people only). You can expect a good salary of nearly 2,870 EUR per month. You should have an attested equivalent nursing degree/ diploma as a foreigner to work as a caregiver in German hospitals, daycare centers, old homages, nursing homes, or private households.

Our today’s employer company is an adult day care center that works for the health and social welfare of dementia patients. Experienced persons are highly desired. However, freshers can also join after some training. The job is part-time with an attractive salary, flexible employment terms, and visa sponsorship. Let’s get to know more details:

Caregiver Jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa sponsorship 2023 - Apply Online

Job details of Caregiver Jobs in Germany:

  • Job title: Caregiver/ Day carer/ Healthcare Worker/ Nurse
  • Country: Meiningen, Germany
  • Employer’s name: Dementia Care Society mbH Meiningen
  • Job Nature: Part-time
  • Working hours: 6 hours per day
  • Work settings: Assisted living facility
  • Target Audience: Dementia Patients for long-term care
  • Expected salary: €13-€16
  • Who can apply: m/f/d
  • Free food: No
  • Free Accommodation: No, but help is provided for acquiring the one
  • Free Transportation: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship available: Yes
  • English/ non-German Speakers accepted: Yes

Job Requirements for Caretaker Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. High school education is a must, further education would be a plus.
  2. Experience is not necessary but candidates having at least one year of experience is highly desirable.
  3. CPR certification.
  4. A professional and cordial demeanor.
  5. Flexible attitude to work during night shifts, as necessary.
  6. Can-do and flexible attitude as permanent night shifts could be turned on on request.
  7. Proof of vaccination against Covid-19.
  8. All requirements and documentation for the relevant German work visa category.

Benefits of Caregiver Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Permanent job opportunities for deserving candidates.
  2. Employer offers help during Accommodation/ Apartment search.
  3. Attractive Salary Package.
  4. Kindergarten subsidy after the trial period.
  5. Pension scheme after one year.
  6. No driving license is required because there are no tours required; care is provided in a facility for assisted living.
  7. Working hours are flexible, you can choose between the early shift and the late shift.
  8. Employee Benefits (cell phones, rental car, etc.).
  9. Germany grants extraordinary social and employment benefits to its workers, especially community welfare workers.
  10. Free training is provided.

Job Responsibilities of a Dementia Caregiver/ Memory Care Caregiver:

  1. Meal preparation/ Feeding and daily services like bathing, dressing, medication, incontinence help, etc. With dementia patients, you have to make an all-day schedule and remind them their daily routine works again and again.
  2. Helping dementia patients to remember things, like making an all-day routine with the daily planner and crossing each task after its completion, setting an alarm on the phone (like on medication timings), setting reminders on the phone, etc.
  3. Organizing a variety of dementia care therapies and memory-enhancing activities.
  4. Incontinence is a major issue in dementia patients, you have to offer them support with discreetness and patience like asking them to use adult diapers or reminding them of the toilet intermittently.
  5. Arranging outdoor activities for them to nurture their well-being and offer them companionship and support.
  6. Transportation assistance for appointments, shopping, outings, or running errands.
  7. Make them practice certain important everyday tasks/self-help techniques so they don’t forget them, e.g., how to operate home accessories, how to set reminders on the phone, where the important information or data in the phone is stored, how to use stick notes in the phone to store necessary information you can’t afford to forget, how to call for an emergency in the living facility, important contacts or family/ facility members and their details, bank details, etc.
  8. Reporting their condition or any improvement/ decline thereof to family members and arranging their meet-ups with the family members under your supervision.
  9. Taking care of patients’ personal hygiene and mobility.
  10. Providing additional in-home support.
  11. Form a complete healthcare plan and assist the patient with exercise and medicine administration may be required.

What qualities do you need to be a good Caregiver?

An ideal caregiver for a dementia patient is:

  1. Kind and Compassionate.
  2. Extraordinarily Patient.
  3. Flexible in attitude and can work even in pressurized circumstances.
  4. The one with Effective Interpersonal abilities.
  5. A good leader with effective organizational, time management, and task management skills.
  6. Excellent in communication and has skills to understand and fulfill the patient’s requirements, demands, needs, etc, and telling him in return what he needs to follow and why, why his consent and cooperation are necessary for something.
  7. Is the one with strong negotiating and convincing skills.
  8. Is experienced with all memory care / memory-enhancing tips and techniques, such as playing mind games.
  9. Has a learner attitude to keep yourself open to understand a patient and his needs more as every patient is different from others.
  10. Is responsible and problem-solving attitude.
  11. Is kind, caring, empathetic, and friendly.
  12. Maintain records of patients’ daily activities and health information.

Average Salary of a Caregiver in Germany:

Average Salary figures vary greatly depending upon the experience, company, work settings (whether you are working as a live-in caregiver or as a daycare Caregiver in an assisted living facility), what type of caregiver you are (for children, disabled persons, or elderly), and location, etc. However, according to ERI’s compensation survey based on anonymous employers and employees, the average pay for a Caregiver is €33,758 a year and €16 an hour in Germany. The average salary range for a Caregiver is between €25,723 and €39,193.

How to Apply?

  • By clicking on the link below, you will be routed to the official job search portal, use the application button given below the job description.
  • You can also use/ search yourself for the job by using the search box and the location box, to narrow down your job search results. Type your job title, e.g., “Caregiver Jobs/ Memory Care Caregiver Jobs, Dementia Caregiver Jobs/ Mental Health Care Jobs”, ”Old Homecare Jobs”, Au Pair Jobs” etc. In the search bar choose the location,e.g., Meiningen, Germany.
  • Examine the job posting details like job description, job requirements, job responsibilities, etc.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements before you apply. Examine the job role and its requirements carefully.
  • Click the “Online Application” button given below.
  • Fill out the necessary details being asked and submit the application.
  • Verify the reception of a confirmation email for your sent job application.

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