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Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship (Apply Now)

Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship: A Bread Baker is needed at Swan Hills, Victoria, Australia, and the employer is willing to provide visa sponsorship for this role. This is a retail and wholesale business that focuses on producing quality products. The baker’s salary of $ 70000 can be paid which includes all shift penalties and is for a 38 hour week. An experienced, dedicated, and fast-working individual is needed for this job role. You don’t need to have a Baking diploma or any other qualification for this role from a culinary institute. You will get all employee benefits like paid annual holidays and sick leave. Read on below to find more about Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

Details of Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Job title: Baker
  • Job Location: Australia.
  • Job type: Permanent, Full-time
  • Minimum knowledge: Not necessary in every case
  • Minimum experience: 1-2 years
  • Expected Salary: $70,000 on average (more in high-profile cases)
  • Free Food: Mostly No
  • Free Accommodation: Mostly Yes
  • Free Transport: Mostly No
  • Free Health Insurance: Mostly Yes.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes.
  • Employee Benefits: Yes.

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Requirements of Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. The minimum education requirement isn’t there in all cases, but a high school diploma is mostly preferred.
  2. A minimum of one to two years of experience is preferred. More the experience, the more chances a candidate has to get hired.
  3. You should be well-versed in baking all different types of bread.
  4. Fluency in English Language and strong communication skills.
  5. Your employer/ visa sponsor is required to obtain a Department of Labor certification to confirm that there are no qualified workers available in the UK available for the type of employment on which your sponsor petition is based.
  6. Basic computing and math skills.
  7. Physical fitness as this work entails standing for long hours of time and a little bit of bending while working in a hot and fast-paced environment.
  8. Strong communication skills with excellent time and resource management skills are required with great planning acumen.
  9. Your employer’s job offer should be full-time and shouldn’t be older than two years.
  10. Must be able to lift between 20-40 pounds weight in routine.

Benefits of Bread Baker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Visa Sponsorship Welcome.
  2. Competitive Salary.
  3. Beautiful Work Location.
  4. Friendly Working Time.
  5. Paid Time-off and Holidays.

Different types of Bread Bakers:

  1. White Bread Baker (Grain, Wholegrain).
  2. Bran Bread Baker.
  3. Hamburger Bread Baker.
  4. Hot Dog Bread Baker.
  5. Hamburger Bread Baker.
  6. Croissant Bread Baker.
  7. Pretzel Bread Baker.
  8. French Bread Baker.
  9. Pizza Bread Baker.
  10. Pitta Bread Baker.
  11. Buns Baker.
  12. Bred Rolls Baker.

Job Description of a Bread Baker:

  1. A baker creates recipes for different kinds of bread, or bread items on the menu, and prepares those items according to this set recipe. He is also in charge of developing those recipes.
  2. Mixing, kneading, and preparing dough for bread.
  3. Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen/ cooking area/ bakery during the whole working process.
  4. Keeping a check on ingredients’ stock and refilling any item when necessary.
  5. Combining ingredients in a set ratio as the recipe demands using electric mixers, blenders, heat sources, and other bakery equipment to make baked goods.
  6. Ensure that each item meets the safety and quality control standards of the organization.
  7. Greeting customers, answering queries, making recommendations to make your service better, accepting orders and payments, and other transactions.
  8. Keeping and maintaining records of deliveries, inventory, production, and sales levels.
  9. Taking necessary customer information/biodata and ensuring that orders/ deliveries are fulfilled on time and as customers demand.
  10. Cleaning workstations and sanitizing equipment.

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How to Apply for Bread Baking Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship?

  1. Before going to online job search portals to find Bread Baker Jobs in Australia and reaching potential employers, you should try to make and upgrade your CV according to the latest job market trends. Then, you are expected to follow the following steps:
  2. Make your account on Indeed or any other job search portal in case you don’t have one.
  3. After providing the information asked for, you will be sent a verification email in your mailbox.
  4. If you can’t find the mail in your mailbox, find it in spam or bin folders.
  5. Tap it to activate your account.
  6. Type ”Bread Baker Jobs with Visa Sponsorship”, ”Baker Jobs with Visa Sponsorship”, or” Bakery Jobs with Visa Sponsorship.”
  7. Select all Australia or Victoria in the location bar right beneath the Search Bar.
  8. Click on your desired job role and provide the CV and all the necessary information asked.
  9. Keep checking the mail for the response.

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