Best jobs to settle in Saudi Arabia (2023) – Full Details

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Searching for the best and highest-paid jobs in Saudi Arabia? This country has always been the number one tourist and immigration destination in the whole Middle East. Pakistan and other Muslim countries in South Asia choose Saudi Arabia due to religious affiliations and its thriving economy. Recently, it’s been in the international headlines due to rapid modernization under Western influence. One of the positive consequences of this modernization and urbanism is that the Saudi STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are flourishing more than ever before. Its expanding economy needs professionals, but the local population is mostly uneducated. Other than a few local educational institutions, preschool to university education depends upon international institutes and teachers.

Best jobs to settle in Saudi Arabia (2023)

The same is the case with every sector of the Saudi economy; they depend mainly on foreign labour and professionals. That’s why people from Asian countries are always interested in knowing about the best jobs in Saudi Arabia that will pay them well to work and settle there. If you are one of them, this post is for you! We have gathered data from various top-ranked online sources to list the top five best and most-demanded jobs in Saudi Arabia. You can also find the 80000+ newly created jobs in Saudi Arabia by clicking on the “apply now” button. So, let’s get started: 

Best Jobs in Saudi Arabia

1. Social Media Marketing/ Digital Media Marketing

According to, the average salary of a digital marketing professional is SAR 87,000 per year. A beginner earns SAR 66,000 per year. As with every economy, the Saudi economy also got a setback due to COVID-19 and all businesses went online. Now, that the world has stepped out of COVID-19, businesses are expanding themselves digitally every day, despite their physical restoration. So, digital and social marketing professionals like SEO experts, content writers, Google AdWords experts, Social Media Marketing managers, etc, are in high demand.

2. IT / Computer experts

According to PayScale, an IT expert earns an average of SAR 77235 per year. All IT and Computer Science professionals, like IT security specialists, data analysts, IT supervisors, software engineers, computer language experts, web designers, etc., are the most well-paid and in-demand job roles in Saudi Arabia. In fact, IT-related professions are the “most wanted” all over the world.

3. Construction managers.

According to, a construction project manager earns between SAR 26,000 (the lowest average) to SAR 543,000 (the highest average). The art of building in the Arab world needs no introduction. It means that architecture, construction, and civil engineering have broad horizons there. A Construction manager is the backbone of a construction project; from logistics to allocating responsibilities on the site, he reports everything to the seniors. Another similar role that has good scope in KSA is construction project manager. He not only oversees the construction process but also guides the company right from the step of real estate purchase.

4. Healthcare professionals.

All healthcare professionals, from assistant nurses to surgeons, are well-paid in KSA due to high demand. According to, a dentist earns, on average, SAR 22,585 per year. suggests the average annual salary of a nursing assistant to be SAR 394,500. Similarly, a surgeon earns six figures there. Healthcare professions, no doubt, pay you a good reward in every corner of the world.

5. Customer Services Representatives.

According to, the average salary of a CSR is SAR 61916. Sales and marketing associates also have good career prospects there. Saudi Arabia has many international call Centers and franchises of Western Businesses.

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