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Berries Packing Jobs in Portugal 2024 (Apply Online)

Want to work and settle in Portugal? Don’t have a high level of education? Berries Packing Jobs in Portugal 2024 with visa sponsorship is a career pathway for you! While it is a common impression that Portugal only welcomes EU citizens, it has many job opportunities for the citizens of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, African countries, etc. Educated Job roles (especially Sales and Marketing, IT, and Engineering) have a vast job market and offer numerous career chances to educated people. But, luckily, there are numerous labour and unskilled job roles with visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.

Apart from fruit packing, the Portuguese Agri Sector has fruit and vegetable picking jobs, loading jobs, and transport jobs. In this post, we have published the full details of Berries Packing Jobs in Portugal along with the other necessary details- why you should choose Portugal’s farm industry, fruit packing job details, job requirements, benefits, etc. Apply directly online by clicking on the bottom-most section. So, let’s get started:

Berries Packing Jobs in Portugal

Job details:

  • Job title: Berries Packer
  • Knowledge required: Not necessary
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Minimum age: 18-45 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Working hours: 40-48 hours per week
  • Period of Employment Contract: One year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Shift timing: Day timing
  • Number of vacancies: 10-100 (depending upon the company)
  • Process time: 7 weeks-6 months
  • Working days: 22 or 24

Hiring/ Sponsoring bodies in Pakistan: EUvisas, Golden Visa Portugal, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, Federal Man Power Importer, Prabesh group, etc.

Job Benefits:

  1. Pathway to permanent residence in Europe.
  2. Free Food or brunch.
  3. Free Accommodation.
  4. Attractive Salary Package (averagely between 800-1000 Euros per month).
  5. Portuguese Labor Law is very easy and accommodating for foreigners and offers many perks and benefits.
  6. Flexible shifts.
  7. Job’s timing and nature are easy.
  8. Paid overtime.
  9. Paid Annual Leaves.
  10. Bonus with salary.
  11. Some companies, like EuVisa, arrange ticketss for you because the ticket is included in the total cost.

Why Fruit Packing Jobs in Portugal?

There are many reasons to go for Berries Packing or any Fruit Packing Jobs in Portugal. Here are some main reasons:

  1. Portugal is not a densely populated country. The existing population is not inclined towards traditional agricultural roles. Rather, they like modern scientific education more. So, there exists a gap between the agricultural job vacancies available and the people who apply. Therefore, Portugal invites foreigners to fill this gap.
  2. In 2016, the average age of a Portuguese farmer was found to be 65 and the figure was expected to go on Therefore, Portugal’s farm industry needs young workers.
  3. The Fruit Packing Job is physically demanding as it requires a person to stand for long hours. However, you get long breaks 2-3 times during a long shift.
  4. Portugal is famous for its fruits_apples, pears, pineapples, avocadoes, plums, berries, etc.
  5. Time Doctor mentions the average comfortable salary in Portugal to be between 700 EUR and -12,300 EUR. Salary expert tells us that an entry-level fruit packer (1-3 years of experience) in Portugal earns an average salary of 15 830 €. A senior-level packer (8+ years of experience) earns  25 552 € on average.

Fruit Packing Jobs in Portugal other than Berries Packing:

All famous fruits and vegetables in Portugal are harvested in big quantities round every year. That’s their industries advertise a large number of vacancies for picking, packing, and loading roles around harvest time:

  1. Apples (All year around).
  2. Pineapples (All year around).
  3. Kiwi (November-July).
  4. Oranges (November-March).
  5. Watermelons (March-September).
  6. Figs (August- September)
  7. Rocha pears (August-September).
  8. Melons (July-October).
  9. Peaches (May-August).
  10. Cherries (November, February, April, July).

Average Salary of a Berries Packer in Portugal

The average salary of a fruit packer depends upon his experience. Entry-level jobs (1-3 years of experience) earn less than mid-career (3 to 5 years of experience) and senior-level job positions (8+ years of experience). However, according to a Salary expert, the average gross salary for a fruit packer in Portugal is 10,628€ or 5€ hourly. In addition, they earn an average bonus of 99 €.

Job Requirements:

  1. As an unskilled job role, it does not require much education. However, some employers may want you to have a minimum Matric level education.
  2. Good grip on English and basic Portuguese.
  3. Experience is not necessary. However, candidates with a minimum experience of six months would be preferred.
  4. Passport valid for six months, Resume, educational documents.
  5. Criminal record and health certificate.

How to apply

The method in use today is to apply through an online job search portal like LinkedIn and Indeed. If you search for “Berries Packing Jobs in Portugal with Visa Sponsorship” or “Fruit Packing Jobs in Portugal with Visa Sponsorship”, Google will serve you with hundreds of job portals displaying your desired job. The link for one such job portal is given below. Just click on your desired job, submit the documents, and wait for the reply.

Click here to apply

Other visa-sponsored jobs in Portugal

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