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5 Work From Home Jobs That Pay Over $10,000

Skilled people don’t need to go anywhere for work they can start work from home. Many people from Asia are trying to get jobs in international countries but they don’t know that they can start working with international companies. Today we will help you with working from home and then you can decide which job is best for an international job.

If you have successfully landed any of these 5 jobs, you can start earning from home. And most jobs pay six figures.

List of 5 Work From Home Jobs in 2023

#1 Freelancing

Freelancing is a very easy job for work from home business beginners. A freelancer’s job is to take projects from clients and then complete the projects on time. To start freelancing you need good skills like web development, photo editing, video editing, graphics designing, etc.

The average salary of a freelancer is $1000-$10,000 depending on how skilled you are and how much time you have when you start freelancing.

#2 Online Tutor

If you are a graduate and looking to start a job, you can start your own online tutor. You just need to find some students on the internet and then start teaching online for a small fee. Also, many online academies need teachers for online academies you can also apply for these jobs.

#3 Web Developers

Web development is a technical field and not everyone gets into it but if you have skills in web development you can earn good money from it. We can see many active jobs on the internet for web developers.

The average salary for a web developer is $2000-$15,000. It will go up and down according to your experience.

#3 Be an influencer online

Do you have a hobby, passion, or an interesting life? Do you know of something that many people struggle with?
If so, you might want to start a blog, a podcast, a vlog, or be active on one of the major social media networks. Sometimes it can take years to build a large enough, engaged enough audience, but if you’re already used to sharing with people online, and have an audience that trusts you, it’s a business. It may be treatable.

The average salary for an influencer is $5000-$25,000. It will go up and down according to your experience.

#4 Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who specializes in providing administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office. Common tasks that a virtual assistant can perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

The average salary for a Virtual Assistant is $1000-$5,000. It will go up and down according to your experience.

#5 Data Entry Jobs

A data entry clerk is responsible for transferring data from paper formats into computer files or database systems. Their data transfer is done manually or through scanners. They type customer information and create spreadsheets, verifying them against source documents at various stages during the process.

The average salary for a Data Entry job is $1000-$5,000. It will go up and down according to your experience.

Last Words

All online work from jobs 2023 requires good skills and skills if you don’t have any skills or good skills then you need to work on your skills first and try to get online jobs otherwise you will fail to get jobs.

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